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New EZ  Crane from EZ FX

Jib Products 2015  (Custom)


EZ  Slider Template jpeg 230
Supports Special App 230 x 307 (Custom)

Mon Port Combo 230 x 307

  • Our newest product is the EZ Camera Crane for event and multi camera production.
  • The EZ Jib is comparable in size to industry standard portable jibs.
  • The Junior Jib is half sized jib for specialized production work.
  • The Extension Kit works with both of our jibs and converts them into an event style jib.
  • We have our own brand of supports and dolly wheels for a dedicated jib tripod or for the heavy duty requirements of the Extension Kit.
  • We have joystick remote controls for panning and tilting a camera on the end of any jib, tripod, high hat or wall or ceiling mount.
  • The EZ FX Handle is a manual pan/tilt controller and a low cost alternative to electronic joysticks controls.
  • For a unique shots, special application accessories are available.
  • Our monitoring options are designed for various styles of monitors.
  • To complete the system we have carry bags to transport it.
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