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Videos and Photos


EZ Jib

EZ Jib with Extension Kit




FEATURED VIDEOS: Overview videos of our main products: EZ JIB & EZ SLIDER

EZ Jib Overview
EZ-Slider Overview

Additional EZ Jib and Jib accessory Videos

EZFX Overview w Voiceover1: EZ Jib system Overview with Voiceover

EZ Jib 3 Miniute Setup2: EZ Jib real time set up. 3 minutes

Extension Kit3: Extension Kit Overview
EZFX Handle4: EZ FX Handle Overview & Tutorial

EZ Head RPT 255: EZ Head 25lb capacity
Remote Pan/Tilt

EZ Head Lite RPT 156: EZ Head Lite 15lb capacityRemote Pan/Tilt
EZ Jib POV Demo7: EZ Jib POV Demo
EZ Jib w Extension Kit POV Demo8: EZ Jib w Extension Kit POV Demo

Additional EZ Slider and Slider accessory Videos (more coming soon, check for updates)

EZ-Slider POV Clips1: EZ Slider POV Demo Reel


EZ Slider Track Video Coming


Motorized Slider Video Coming


Pulley Cam Kit Video Coming



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